1-Year-Old Boy Dies After Falling Out of Hotel Window

SIoux Falls, South Dakota – A tragic accident at the Club House Hotel & Suites in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has claimed the life of a 1-year-old boy from Minnesota. Madden Hein fell from a third-floor hotel room window and succumbed to his injuries in the hospital two days later. Madden’s parents, Kathryn and Alex Hein, announced his passing on Tuesday.

The grieving parents took to Facebook to express their heartbreak and announced that Madden would be an organ donor, sharing that his organs would help save the lives of others. “Our little boy is a real-life superhero,” they wrote.

The Sioux Falls Police Department is currently investigating the incident, but Officer Sam Clemens has stated that there is no evidence to suggest anything other than a tragic accident.

A community of over 250 people showed their support for the Heins outside the Sanford Children’s Hospital where Madden was scheduled to undergo organ donation surgery. The family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support during this difficult time.

Alex Hein is a middle school social studies teacher and a high school basketball coach, while Kathryn Hein is a kindergarten teacher and a volleyball coach. The couple also have a 3-year-old daughter and are expecting another child in August.

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for the family and has already raised over $70,000 to assist with the financial burdens they now face.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a reminder of the importance of child safety and highlights the need for vigilance in hotel rooms. The Heins’ tragedy has united their community in grief and support, as they navigate the unimaginable loss of their beloved son.