12-Year-Old Kills Sonic Employee

The tranquil Texas town of Keene was marred by violence on Saturday night after a 32-year-old local restaurant employee was shot and killed in an argument with a customer. Reports say 20-year-old Angel Gomez, along with a 12-year-old minor, has been charged with murder for the death of Matthew Davis.

According to Keene Police Chief James Kidd, the incident occurred in the Sonic drive-in parking lot on Old Betsy Road when Davis confronted Gomez for public urination. Allegedly tensions rose, and the pre-teen involved reacted by pulling out an assault rifle and shooting Davis multiple times. Davis was airlifted to a nearby hospital but ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

After the shooting, Gomez attempted to escape but was later arrested back at the restaurant. Meanwhile, the juvenile was found down the road in Rio Vista. As the suspect is a minor, the local police have not released any further records of their identity.

The Sonic branch closed on Monday in tribute to the life lost, as locals gathered to leave flowers and cards beside the scene. Among them, Keene resident Jane Baggett expressed her shock to NBC 5 and her desire to support the Davis family: “It’s heartbreaking something like that has to happen, and it’s scary. I wanted to do something to show her family support and prepare them for the future.”

To help financially care for Davis’ 10-year-old son, a GoFundMe account has been set up to cover funeral costs. In response to the event, a spokesperson from the franchise released a statement articulating their sadness and dedication to cooperate with local investigators.

As the terrible news spread throughout the small town, the community joined arms together to support Matthew Davis’ family in their time of need.