13-Year-Old Girl Shot While Shopping in Walmart with Her Mom

Wednesday evening at 2035 Whiskey Road was the site of a shocking and frightening encounter. At approximately 7:30 p.m., Aiken Department of Public Safety officers were called to investigate the sound of gunfire near a local Walmart store. There, they discovered a 13-year-old girl, pale and in shock. She had been shot in the abdomen and arm.

The police set their attention on Stephen Foreman, a 32-year-old Aiken resident. Shortly after the incident Foreman had phoned the authorities and stated he was located at the nearby KFC restaurant. He was apprehended and taken to Aiken County Detention Center, where no bond has yet been set.

Foreman reported to officers he had discarded a gun at the Walmart. Sure enough, a black Colt 1911 semi-automatic handgun was found near the bottom shelf of the cards section. Additionally, officers located a .45 caliber shell casing during their search.

What remains unknown is the nature of the connection between the victim and the suspect. Thus far, there has been no motive determined, and the victim’s condition is also uncertain. The Aiken Department of Public Safety is still investigating the event, ensuring that justice is served and the public remains informed.