13-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Friend at Sleepover

A minor in Pennsylvania is facing serious charges after a shooting in April that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old. Nolan Donald Grove, 13, allegedly shot and killed his friend, Kain Heiland, during a planned sleepover in York County.

Grove was charged with various crimes on Monday, including murder in the third degree and carrying a weapon without a license.

Based on the testimonies of witnesses and video surveillance of the area, the charges against Grove were determined. It has been reported that Grove retrieved the gun used in the shooting from his house ahead of the incident and was “playing” with it throughout the day.

At around 8:22 pm, Grove and Heiland, and one additional boy, were crossing someone’s garden when Grove allegedly said something about Heiland’s mother, to which Heiland replied for Grove to be quiet. Grove soon replied with, “You know what happens” or “You know what would happen,” tragically; Heiland was then struck by a gunshot.

Once the incident had occurred, the third friend ran home and told his parents, prompting them to notify the authorities. One crucial piece of evidence was that Grove went home and changed his clothes and washed his hands following the shooting.

In response to all these events, a GoFundMe page was established to help Heiland’s mother, Devin Rexroth. The page, created by a friend, was posted with the description of it being a “nightmare.”