16-Year-Old Breaks into Girlfriends House and Murders Her

In Weld County, Colorado, a sixteen-year-old boy has been charged as an adult concerning the fatal shooting of his ex-girlfriend, who was fifteen years old. Jovanni Sirio-Cardona is facing murder and other charges in the death of Lily Silva-Lopez.

An arrest affidavit reveals that a neighbor called 911 on June 16th after Silva-Lopez’s thirteen-year-old brother told her that his sister had been shot. He informed the neighbor that Silva-Lopez’s former boyfriend, Sirio-Cardona, had broken into the home, shot the victim, and fled.

The document also states that Sirio-Cardona had entered Silva-Lopez’s bedroom window. When he was entering, she told her brother to run. Her brother attempted to dial 911, but the call was unsuccessful. At the same time, Sirio-Cardona found Silva-Lopez in the hallway outside her room and shot her multiple times. Sirio-Cardona then found the victim’s brother and demanded his phone, preventing him from calling the police.

The brother informed the police that Sirio-Cardona had been seen walking around the house on camera the Tuesday or Wednesday prior. When police arrived at Sirio-Cardona’s home after the shooting, his grandmother asked why they were there. He allegedly replied by saying he did what he had to do, and he shot someone.

Silva-Lopez and Sirio-Cardona dated for about six months, according to Silva-Lopez’s mother. For four weeks before the shooting, Silva-Lopez had tried to end the relationship. Sirio-Cardona allegedly responded by putting a gun barrel in her mouth and telling her that she was not allowed to break up with him and had to tell him she loved him. On June 10th, an officer responded to Silva-Lopez’s home on a report that Sirio-Cardona had punched Silva-Lopez in the face and injured her arm.