2 Missing Firefighters Found Dead

Hinesville, Georgia – The bodies of Raegan Leigh Anderson and Chandler Kuhbander, two Georgia firefighters, were discovered in Cocke County, Tennessee over the weekend, according to Hinesville Police Department. The bodies were found approximately 230 miles east of Nashville and 400 miles southeast of Hinesville.

During the search for the missing firefighters, Anderson’s black 2017 Ford Focus was also located. The vehicle played a crucial role in the investigation, with police sharing its photo as they updated the public on the search efforts for Anderson and Kuhbander.

The scene where the bodies were found is currently under investigation by Tennessee law enforcement. However, specific details relating to the case are still scarce.

According to a report from Savannah CBS affiliate WTOC, Anderson and Kuhbander had been involved in a romantic relationship for several years before recently separating. Prior to their disappearance, an altercation occurred at an Olive Garden restaurant in Pooler, Georgia. Anderson caused a disturbance while Kuhbander was on a date, resulting in her being charged with second-degree criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct after allegedly keying Kuhbander’s vehicle.

Kuhbander’s mother shared that her son had mentioned Anderson’s persistent attempts to contact him during a call on June 24. Surveillance footage from the same morning captured Kuhbander leaving a Crunch Fitness at a mall in Oglethorpe, with Anderson’s car seen slowly driving around the mall parking lot.

Authorities conducting a wellness check at Anderson’s home found the house unlocked and a note suggesting that she might harm herself. Both Anderson and Kuhbander were serving at Liberty County Fire Services Station #1 in Midway, Georgia. The Liberty County Fire Services expressed their condolences in a Facebook post, commending the dedication of the two firefighters to their community.

The investigation into the deaths of Raegan Leigh Anderson and Chandler Kuhbander is currently ongoing, with Tennessee law enforcement leading the efforts. Additional details regarding the case have not yet been disclosed.