26-Year-Old Coach Allegedly Has Sexual Relationship With Teen Student for Over a Year

In a shocking display of betrayal of trust, a 26-year-old javelin coach from Pennsylvania was arrested and charged with institutional sexual assault and sexual assault by a sports official. The accused, Hannah Marth, is charged with engaging in a relationship with a student she was responsible for coaching.

Prosecutors had reported that Marth had admitted to a romantic relationship with the individual in question, with the relationship beginning in May of 2021 when she sent the student a text message at 2 am, inviting him to her home. The student, who is 17 years old, confessed to authorities that he and Marth were in a romantic relationship until October 2022.

Marth is a teacher in the Easton Area School District. In response to the news of the arrest, the school’s superintendent, David Piperato, said that the school was aware of the incident and intended to take “all necessary action” to ensure the safety of its students. Since the allegations surfaced, Marth has been released on an unsecured $75,000 bail. She is set to be back in court on April 27.

In an official news release, the Northampton district attorney said the case demonstrated “a blatant disregard for the well-being of [those] she or he coached and above all — the law. This defendant defied that trust when she committed this alleged crime against the victim.”

This statement serves as a stark reminder of the power dynamics between coaches and student-athletes and the importance of not only providing a safe and respectful environment but also of taking any misconduct allegations seriously.