30-Year-Old Fitness Trainer Found Dead, Wrapped in Cloth

Montenegro, Brazil – Prominent Brazilian fitness trainer Debora “Debby” Michels was tragically found dead near her parents’ residence, following a physical altercation with her husband. Local news outlets reported that Michels’ body was wrapped in a red cloth and abandoned on the sidewalk just a short distance from her parents’ home. Her husband, Alexander Gunsch, later confessed to the police that he was responsible for her death and had disposed of her body.

Gunsch revealed to authorities that during their argument, he violently grabbed Michels by the neck and threw her against a wardrobe, causing her to become unwell. He attempted to rush her to the hospital, but she tragically died en route. Overwhelmed by panic, Gunsch decided to leave her body outside her parents’ home.

The police spokesperson described how Gunsch discarded Michels’ body, stating, “He not only disposed of the cellphone but also the victim’s body.” Michels’ death has been classified as a femicide, and the police have requested Gunsch’s detention. He was subsequently arrested on Sunday.

Although Michels’ family revealed that she had never mentioned any physical abuse by Gunsch, they were in the process of separating. The couple had been together for 11 years, and Michels had plans to move into her own apartment the day after her death, with her mother scheduled to assist with packing her belongings.

In addition to her work as a personal trainer, Michels also competed in bodybuilding competitions and worked at a gym in Montenegro. She held a degree in physical education from Unisinos, a Jesuit university in southern Brazil.

This tragic incident has left Michels’ community mourning the loss of a beloved fitness trainer, while also raising awareness about issues of domestic violence.