32 Injured After Bridge Collapses During Festivities

A festive event in Indonesia turned tragic when a suspension bridge collapsed into a river, resulting in injuries to 32 people who were participating in a duck-catching contest. The incident occurred in the village of Nanga Mentukak, East Kalimantan province, during the Independence Day celebrations on August 17.

The bridge was filled with locals who had gathered to watch the competition. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as villagers were seen running and splashing in the water, attempting to catch the ducks. However, the jubilant mood quickly turned into a scene of horror when the bridge unexpectedly twisted and collapsed, falling on top of the people in the water, including children.

Local authorities reported that 32 people were injured in the unfortunate incident. Inspector Rahmad Kartono, head of the Sekadau Police Criminal Investigation Unit, stated that some of the victims had sustained broken bones.

All the injured were immediately transported to the Community Health Center for medical attention. Some of the victims with more severe injuries were referred to the hospital for further treatment.

According to the police, spectators had been warned not to stand on the bridge due to its unstable condition and inability to support heavy loads. Despite the warning, many locals chose to watch the duck-catching competition from the bridge, leading to its collapse.

Both participants and spectators were among the injured, as per Rahmad. The injured were taken to the Nanga Taman Health Center, while those with more serious injuries were transported to the Sekadau Regional General Hospital. Fortunately, no fatalities were reported. The police are currently investigating the incident.