5-Year-Old Boy Brutally Murdered Over Snacks in Bed

COLUMBUS, Ohio – In a shocking turn of events, an Ohio woman has confessed to suffocating a 5-year-old boy and disposing of his body in a manhole. The heart-wrenching incident unfolded after the woman, identified as Pammy Maye, allegedly found the young boy sneaking candy into his bed. Disturbing footage from body cameras worn by law enforcement officials during their investigation sheds light on Maye’s confession.

Maye, 48, appeared tearful and remorseful as she described herself as the disciplinarian between her and her husband, who were the legal guardians of the young victim, Darnell Taylor. The body cam footage, dated February 16th, captured the chilling details of the incident.

The ordeal began when Maye’s husband reported both Maye and Darnell missing under disturbing circumstances. Ohio authorities issued an Amber Alert, fearing for the safety of the child. The caller reported that Maye had awakened him with statements that led him to believe that Darnell had been injured. Mrs. Maye left their residence abruptly in a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, which was later found in Brooklyn, Ohio. However, both Maye and Darnell remained unaccounted for at the time.

Maye eventually turned up in a distressed state at a business in the Cleveland suburb of Brooklyn. An employee, alarmed by her appearance, called 911. Barefoot and desperate, Maye asked the employee to contact her husband. The call placed Maye in a hospital bed, where she was questioned by law enforcement officials. The body cam footage revealed her admission of the horrific crime.

The motive behind the tragic act was revealed when Maye admitted that Darnell’s sneaking of candy into bed had infuriated her. While Maye stated that she did not immediately act, she revealed that she had premeditated the killing. After suffocating the young boy, Maye confessed to dumping his lifeless body into a manhole. Investigators were able to locate Darnell’s remains in a sewage drain in Franklin County that same day.

Maye currently faces charges of murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence. Despite her pleas of not guilty, her defense has hinted at an insanity defense strategy.

“We don’t consider her post-arrest comments as dispositive of her mental state at the time of the offense,” said her attorney, Sam Shamansky.

This tragic incident has shocked the community and left many questioning how such a horrific act could occur. As the investigation continues, the focus will remain on seeking justice for the innocent life lost in this heartbreaking case.