5-Year-Old Dies After Freak Accident with Swing

Fort Collins, Colorado – A 5-year-old girl tragically died on Monday after being strangled by a disc swing in a freak accident at her home. Aurora Masters was playing in her backyard when she became entangled in the jungle gym accessory, according to a report.

The incident occurred when Aurora pulled her plastic slide near the swing and somehow got caught in it. Her great-aunt, Brenda Kennedy, recounted the heartbreaking incident, saying, “The swing strangled her.”

Aurora was immediately rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Despite spending several days in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), her family made the difficult decision to withdraw life support due to her irreversible brain swelling. Kennedy shared the devastating news on an online fundraising page, also mentioning they decided to donate Aurora’s organs to help other children in need.

Even as the northern lights lit up the sky, Aurora, described as the family’s “ray of sunshine,” passed away on Monday. Kennedy wrote, “If you looked up last night, or you look up tonight, you will see our Miss Aurora putting on a beautiful show for you with the borealis.”

Authorities from the Fort Collins Police Department confirmed they are not conducting further investigations into Aurora’s death.

Although such incidents are rare, it is crucial for parents and guardians to regularly check the condition of playground equipment and ensure that children are supervised while playing.

The loss of young Aurora Masters has left her family and community devastated. As they grieve, they hold on to the precious memories of their “ray of sunshine” and the knowledge that her generous gift of organ donation will provide hope and healing to other children in need.