70-Year-Old Man Charged in 16-Year-Old Grandson’s Death

In Clinton, Missouri, a family is grappling with a tragic incident that has left a teenager dead and his grandfather behind bars. The 70-year-old man is accused of fatally shooting his 16-year-old grandson, an act that has sent shockwaves through the family and the community.

The incident occurred on Sunday when Thomas Ribby allegedly shot his grandson, Royce Hayes Osburn. According to court documents, Ribby claimed he was unaware that his firearm was loaded when he pointed it at the teenager. The family, however, is struggling to understand why Ribby would aim a gun at his own grandson, regardless of whether he believed it to be loaded or not.

Ribby is currently being held on a $100,000 cash-only bond. The incident has had a profound impact on three generations of the family, with the grandfather arrested, the grandson killed, and the teen’s mother, Melissa Ribby, caught in the emotional crossfire.

Melissa Ribby expressed her grief and anger towards her father, stating that she no longer considers him as such. She also shared her son’s aspirations of becoming a police officer, a dream that was tragically cut short.

Court documents reveal that Ribby had given his grandson the Glock to “play with” earlier in the evening. Another witness reported seeing the teenager pretending to clear rooms with the firearm. The fatal shot was fired later, with Osburn reportedly going to his mother and saying, “papa shot me,” before collapsing.

Upon the arrival of the police, Ribby locked himself in his apartment, leading to an evacuation of the neighbors. He was eventually arrested, and during questioning, Ribby maintained that he had not been arguing with his grandson prior to the incident.

The family is now dealing with the compounded trauma of the incident. A GoFundMe has been set up to help cover funeral expenses for the teenager. Ribby, who faces felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child resulting in death and resisting arrest, pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this week. He is scheduled for a bail reduction hearing on Friday and is currently being held at the Henry County Detention Center.