AI CEO Kills 4-Year-Old Son and Stuffs Body in Suitcase

BENGALURU, INDIA — The CEO of an artificial intelligence startup in India has been arrested on suspicion of killing her 4-year-old son, whose body was allegedly found in her suitcase. Suchana Seth, 39, CEO of The Mindful AI Lab, was arrested on Monday in the state of Karnataka, according to authorities.

Seth and her son checked into a hotel in Goa on Saturday and, when she checked out on Monday morning, the boy was nowhere to be found. Hotel staff found traces of blood in her room and alerted the police. The taxi driver who transported Seth to the hotel was located by the police, and a search of his vehicle revealed the lifeless body of the child in a suitcase.

Dr. Kumar Naik of Hiriyur Taluk Hospital stated that the child had been either strangled or smothered, potentially using a cloth or pillow. Seth, who was undergoing a custody battle with her estranged husband, admitted to having strained relations with him during the investigation, law enforcement reported.

Seth is in police custody as the investigation continues.