Airplane Makes Emergency Landing Right Before the Plane’s Slide Deploys

On Saturday, airborne drama greeted a Delta Air Lines flight from JFK in New York to Los Angeles. After a malfunctioning temperature instrument caused technical difficulties requiring an unscheduled landing in Salt Lake City, Utah, shock greeted the 168 passengers and crew when an onboard air slide hit an unnamed crew member in the head.

The difficulties on board the Boeing 767-300 began when the pilot declared a malfunctioning temperature instrument—needed for icing conditions—necessitated landing in Utah. All passengers followed orders to disembark, and the instrument was soon fixed.

As travelers re-boarded the aircraft, the shock and dismay were immediate after the air slide, which is used to facilitate emergency evacuations, deployed within the cabin. Hitting a crew member’s head, it was activated by an onboard catering crew. Many passengers deplaned shortly after, visibly shaken and perturbed.

Delta acted swiftly, booking the passengers onto an alternate flight and compensating them with 7,500 miles. A Delta spokesperson apologized for the ensuing delay due to the issue, emphasizing the airline’s commitment to the safety of their passengers and crew.

The incident underscores how seriously Delta takes the safety and comfort of its passengers and staff members. Each detail of their response, from landing the aircraft to making repairs and offering compensation to passengers affected, demonstrates their care for customer service and concern for the welfare of those onboard.