Alabama Woman Arrested for Allegedly Shooting and Killing Grandson

Mobile, AL – A shocking incident has left family members and neighbors in disbelief as a 76-year-old woman allegedly shot and killed her own grandson, Dana Jordan, in what police believe was a fit of anger. Mary Jordan, the grandmother, has been arrested and is currently held on a murder charge.

According to authorities, Mary Jordan confessed to the shooting, revealing that she was upset over something her grandson did the previous night. Police arrived at the scene to find Dana Jordan dead, shot multiple times. The motive behind the shooting is unclear, but officers mentioned that Mary Jordan may be suffering from dementia.

Despite the evidence against her, Mary Jordan’s cousin, Alfaye Prince, is suggesting that the shooting may have been an act of self-defense. Prince believes that Dana Jordan had some type of hold over his grandmother and that she was simply trying to protect herself. Furthermore, she claims that Mary Jordan called her after the shooting, expressing disbelief and asserting that she had killed her grandson.

Neighbors who were familiar with Mary Jordan describe her as a friendly and peaceful person, making the incident even more shocking. Gregory Carroll Sr., who lived next door to Mary Jordan for 15 years, recalls pleasant interactions with her, including exchanging morning greetings.

The case has left the community shaken, as they struggle to comprehend how a seemingly ordinary woman could be involved in such a tragic and violent act. As the investigation continues, authorities are working to determine the full extent of Mary Jordan’s mental state and any potential factors that may have led to this devastating outcome.

The arrest of Mary Jordan for the alleged murder of her grandson has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving family members and neighbors questioning what may have driven this once friendly and peaceful woman to commit such a violent act. With the motive still unclear and the possibility of dementia to consider, the case remains under investigation as authorities work to uncover the truth.