‘Anger Management’ Therapist Brutally Murders Man

Deland, Florida – A therapist specializing in anger management and PTSD has been arrested and charged with murder after allegedly killing a man and hiding the body in the trunk of his car. Witnesses reported seeing the therapist shoot the victim in the middle of the street before dragging him into the woods. The suspect is said to have an ongoing dispute with the victim.

Travis McBride, a 46-year-old therapist that helps people with anger management, PTSD, anxiety disorders and depression was taken into custody on Thursday. He was charged with first-degree premeditated murder. Multiple witnesses saw McBride shoot Clinton “Clint” Dorsey and subsequently drag his body. The arrest followed multiple calls to the Deland Police Department reporting a murder at 624 East Howry Avenue.

One caller informed the dispatcher that McBride, an older white man, had killed Dorsey and taken the body. Subsequently, a woman, identified as “W1,” called and quietly requested police assistance, indicating that the murderer was present at the mentioned address. Upon arrival, officers discovered the woman, who stated that McBride had visited her residence the previous night, searching for Dorsey. She alleged that she witnessed McBride shoot Dorsey several times and drag the body across the street towards the wooded area.

Police found a wet area on the street, potentially indicating recent cleaning, along with various spent shell casings. Acting on a tip, officers located bloody clothing, 9 mm spent shell casings similar to those found near McBride’s home, and a blood-soaked towel in a locked dumpster behind a nearby car wash. In addition, McBride’s red Nissan hatchback, which was registered in his name, was discovered in a parking lot down the block from the car wash. Upon inspection, police observed what appeared to be a body in the trunk, and upon opening it, discovered the obviously deceased victim, Dorsey.

McBride appeared in court on Friday, where he did not enter a plea. The investigation is ongoing, and McBride is currently being held without bond.