Arizona Teen Missing After Alleged “End of the World” Abduction by Family

Gilbert, Arizona – A disturbing case of family abduction centered around doomsday beliefs has emerged from Gilbert, Arizona, with a 16-year-old boy reported missing since early this week. Blaze Thibaudeau was taken from his school by his mother, Spring Thibaudeau, and is believed to have flown to Boise with his sister and mother. From there, they joined Spring’s brother, Brooke Hale, who is also Blaze’s uncle. The family’s current whereabouts are unknown, sparking intense concern and a criminal investigation.

This bizarre incident spirals into deeper concerns with Blaze’s family believing in an imminent Second Coming and purportedly seeing Blaze as a key figure in these supposed end times. Blaze’s father, Ben Thibaudeau, has expressed grave concerns about his son’s safety, pointing out that Blaze does not share the family’s extreme religious views.

In response to the escalating situation, an Arizona court granted Ben an emergency custody petition for his son. Spring and Brooke now face charges of conspiracy to commit custodial interference and custodial interference. These offenses are considered Class 4 felonies under Arizona law.

Legal documents filed in the case reveal alarming details. Ben Thibaudeau’s lawyer, Mark Shields, argues that the family’s actions represent a significant danger to Blaze, describing the scenario as an “imminent risk of irreparable harm.” The case eerily mirrors other high-profile doomsday-related incidents, heightening fears for Blaze’s well-being.

Prior to their disappearance, alarming preparations were made by the family. Brooke Hale reportedly penned a lengthy “last will and testament,” withdrew a substantial sum of money, and divided his assets. His mysterious letter hinted at an unknown journey and a belief in an eventual reunion.

Further complicating the case, authorities discovered that the family used their passports to travel to Canada, widening the scope of the search and investigation. Warrants issued against Spring and Brooke include charges related to the illegal transport of a child across national borders.