Army Veteran Miraculously Survives Grizzly Bear Attack

Jackson, Wyoming – A disabled Army combat veteran miraculously survived a frightening encounter with a mother grizzly bear while hiking in Grand Teton National Park on Sunday. Shayne Patrick Burke, 35, described the attack as the “most violent” experience of his life. Despite suffering serious injuries, Burke managed to fend off the bear and is expected to make a full recovery.

Burke, a wildlife photographer, ventured into the wilderness alone in search of a Great Grey Owl to photograph. He had planned to meet up with his wife in the park’s parking lot within an hour. However, as he trekked through the dense woods, he noticed a bear cub running up a nearby hill. Sensing danger, he prepared for the worst.

To protect himself, Burke unholstered his bear spray and shouted at the mother bear, but his attempts were futile. The bear charged at him, launching a vicious attack. Burke quickly assumed a prone position on his belly, interlocking his hands behind his neck in an effort to shield his vital organs. The bear bit and slashed at his back right shoulder, stepped on him, and bit his legs multiple times.

Remarkably, Burke held onto his bear spray throughout the ordeal. As the bear bit his hands and neck, it bit the spray canister, causing it to explode in the animal’s mouth. This unexpected turn of events likely saved Burke’s life. While the bear was momentarily distracted, he texted his wife for help and applied improvised tourniquets to his injured legs.

Burke’s location was difficult to pinpoint, but he stayed on the phone with the emergency operator until a rescue helicopter found him. Despite the ordeal’s severity, Burke remained hopeful, even recording a video message to his loved ones in case things took a turn for the worse. Eventually, he was found and transported to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery.

Park officials have confirmed the attack and stated that the bear will not be captured or killed, as they believe she was simply protecting her cub. Attacks by grizzly bears have become relatively common in the area due to the growing bear population. To prevent such incidents, park officials emphasize the importance of giving bears plenty of space, carrying bear spray, and avoiding leaving out food that might attract them.

As Burke continues his recovery, he recognizes the danger he faced and holds no animosity toward the bear. In his Instagram post, he expressed his love and respect for wildlife and hoped that the bear would not face any consequences for her actions.