Bagged Human Remains Discovered in Hidden Graveyard

EL SALTO, Mexico — A group of relatives searching for their loved ones has made a distressing discovery in Mexico’s ongoing battle with disappearances. The Guerreros Buscadores collective, supported by National Guard personnel, uncovered approximately two dozen bags filled with human remains in a hidden graveyard on Sunday. The disturbing find adds to Mexico’s estimated count of 100,000 missing citizens and highlights the ongoing issue of disappearances in the country.

The clandestine graveyard was found at a hideaway ranch in El Salto, located in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. As the group approached the site, they noticed a still-smoking pit oven emitting repulsive odors. Upon further exploration, they uncovered bones, skin, and charred human remains, indicating that the location served as a secret cemetery.

Bricks and ovens like the one found are commonly used by organized crime groups, including drug trafficking cartels, to incinerate victim remains and avoid detection.

The state of Jalisco, known for the notorious Jalisco New Generation Cartel, has seen a high rate of disappearances due to territorial disputes between rival drug gangs. Just last week, prosecutors revealed the discovery of five bodies dumped in a bulletproof SUV.

The country as a whole has been overwhelmed by violence, with around 450,000 murders occurring since 2006. This has put significant strain on Mexico’s forensic capabilities, leaving countless unidentified bodies languishing in morgues or mass graves.

The discovery of a hidden graveyard in El Salto serves as a grim reminder of Mexico’s ongoing struggle with disappearances and violence. As authorities investigate the site and continue their efforts to combat organized crime, the search for answers and justice for the victims remains a challenging and urgent task.