Beverly Hills 90210 Star Attacked by Gang on Mini-Bikes

LOS ANGELES — “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Ian Ziering found himself caught in a street brawl with a group of motorbike riders on Sunday, as reported by TMZ. The incident took place on Hollywood Blvd., where Ziering’s vehicle was surrounded by multiple riders on mini-motorized bikes.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Ziering can be seen stepping out of his car and throwing a punch at one of the bikers whose motorbike was parked in front of his vehicle. The reason behind the altercation remains unknown, although it is unclear if one of the bikes had collided with Ziering’s vehicle.

The situation escalated as more bikers joined in, and four individuals were seen throwing punches at the actor. A source close to the incident revealed to TMZ that Ziering’s vehicle may have been struck before the brawl began.

Attempting to escape the scene, Ziering was filmed running across a busy street with the helmeted and masked bikers in pursuit. Despite one rider grabbing onto his back and another attempting to trip him, Ziering managed to make it back to the safety of the sidewalk.

As the altercation unfolded, witnesses failed to intervene or come to Ziering’s aid. He eventually returned to his car, successfully left the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and filed a police report listing himself as the victim.