Biden Claims Inflation Is His Priority

Biden Says Inflation Is His ‘Top Domestic Priority’ – The New York Times

President Biden tried to deflect blame for rising prices by accusing Republicans of pursuing an “ultra-MAGA” agenda, and insisting that his policies would make inflation worse, not better.

Mr. Biden said his plan would lower costs for working families, give workers raises, reduce the deficit, and make the wealthiest Americans and big corporations pay their fair share. He seized on a plan put forth by Senator Rick Scott of Florida to deal with high prices, but the plan has been repudiated by other Republicans.

The White House promised to continue to criticize Republican policies, including the Scott tax plan, and said the president would continue to talk about his concern about ultra-MAGA Republicans.

The president sought to convince Americans that he understood their pain from rising prices, but his administration’s efforts to bring down prices have done little to tame inflation, which is running at its fastest pace in 40 years.

Janet Yellen told a Senate committee that the inflation outlook remains uncertain, citing the pandemic, lockdowns in China and shifting consumption patterns in the United States as important variables. The rise in costs has become a talking point for Republicans and a political liability for Mr. Biden.

The Biden administration has blamed external factors for inflation, such as the pandemic, supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine, and has accused corporations of gouging prices to pad their profits.

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