Body Discovered Stuffed in Luggage on Property

A shocking discovery was made Thursday morning in Bexar County, Texas, as people out feeding animals stumbled across a piece of luggage bearing human remains. Sheriff Javier Salazar said the person who discarded the body did not try to hide it.

The identity, gender, cause of death and dumping time remain unknown. The medical examiner will provide further details about the person.

This rural area of Bexar County, which hosts San Antonio, is subject to a deep investigation as authorities search for clues. The property owners, who were away when the discovery was made, are cooperating with investigators. The Fire Marshall was called in to investigate burn marks on the property, and authorities are awaiting the results of a search warrant.

It’s a disturbing and tragic incident that has left the populace in shock. Law enforcement is calling for justice in the search for answers to the phenomenon of a body being discarded in a suitcase on a hillside.