Body Found in Water with Barbell Attached to Leg

Athens, Greece – The body of an unidentified man was found off the coast of Schinias beach on Sunday, with a 22-pound barbell attached to his leg. This discovery comes just days after a similar incident in which a human skull was padlocked to an exercise dumbbell in a New Orleans waterway. Authorities were alerted to the body’s presence during the early afternoon, and a diver was able to retrieve it from about 110 yards offshore. The man, estimated to be between 40-45 years old, had been in the water for several days.

Schinias beach, located northeast of the Greek capital, is known to attract large crowds and is considered one of the most popular beach destinations in the region. However, it remains unclear if anyone on the beach initially spotted the body. Authorities in the nearby port of Rafina are now leading the investigation into this disturbing incident.

Further details about the man, such as his identity, cause of death, and any possible connection to the weight attached to him, are yet to be determined. An autopsy is scheduled to take place later, which may provide more insights into the tragic event.

These recent discoveries highlight the unsettling trend of exercise weights being linked to human remains. While the motives behind these disturbing incidents remain unknown, investigators in both Greece and the United States are working diligently to gather information and uncover any potential connections.

As authorities continue their investigations, the mysterious circumstances surrounding these cases raise concerns about public safety and call for increased vigilance. It is crucial for beachgoers and the general public to remain cautious and report any unusual or suspicious findings to the authorities.