Body of Woman Found in Arby’s Freezer

On Thursday, May 11, a grim discovery was made at an Arby’s restaurant in New Iberia, Louisiana. An employee of the restaurant uncovered another employee’s body in the eatery’s freezer.

The New Iberia Police Department was immediately called to the scene and began their investigation. Authorities have not released the employee’s identity and do not suspect foul play. Sgt. Daesha Hughes, a spokesperson for the police department, said the case is still being investigated.

The Arbys in question released a statement claiming their full cooperation with the police. According to their statement, the restaurant cannot further comment on the matter due to the current active investigation.

How this employee ended up in the restaurant’s freezer is a mystery. Furthermore, many questions still need to be answered.

What started as an ordinary day quickly became an unexpected tragedy when a woman’s lifeless body was found inside a restaurant’s freezer. Although the authorities are currently still investigating the situation, it goes without saying that the people of New Iberia are hoping to find closure soon.