Boyfriend Arrested After Woman Fatally Falls Off Cliff During Marriage Proposal

Canakkale, Turkey – A man has been arrested in connection with the tragic death of a woman who fell 100 feet off a cliff during a marriage proposal. Nizamettin Gursu was taken into custody after authorities discovered signs of a violent struggle at the scene. The incident occurred on July 6 in Canakkale, a city in northwestern Turkey. Gursu claimed that his girlfriend, Yesim Demir, had accepted his proposal before the fatal fall.

However, police became suspicious when they found the engagement ring Gursu claimed to have given Demir still in its box in his pocket. They also discovered shattered glasses and a broken music speaker, suggesting a physical altercation may have taken place. Demir’s family further revealed that she had intended to break up with Gursu and would not have accepted his proposal. They added that Demir suffered from panic attacks and would not have willingly been near the edge of a cliff.

Gursu’s arrest followed a complaint filed by Demir’s family. Initially, Gursu portrayed himself as a devastated fiance, stating that they had chosen the location for their engagement due to its romantic ambiance. Demir initially survived the fall but later succumbed to her injuries.

Gursu is now in custody awaiting trial for his alleged involvement in Demir’s tragic death. The Canakkale police department has been approached for further information regarding the arrest.