Bus Stop Shooting Leaves Teen Dead and Four Others Injured

Philadelphia, PA – A tragic shooting at a SEPTA bus stop in Philadelphia left a teenager dead and four other individuals injured on Monday afternoon, according to authorities. The incident took place around 3:45 p.m. near the intersection of Broad Street and Godfrey Avenue. The 17-year-old victim was shot multiple times, while two 15-year-old boys suffered graze wounds. Additionally, a 71-year-old woman was shot in the head, and a 49-year-old woman was grazed in the right forearm, as confirmed by the police.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel stated in a media briefing that the victim who lost their life appears to have been specifically targeted. The identity of the deceased teenager has not yet been released. The tragic incident occurred while roughly 20 school-age children were present at the bus stop. Bethel explained that two individuals approached the bus and began firing shots. The women who were wounded were inside the bus at the time of the shooting.

Bethel emphasized that the shooting occurred at a busy intersection and that multiple rounds were discharged. He expressed gratitude that the situation did not escalate further, acknowledging that it could have been much worse. As of Monday night, the police had not made any arrests in connection with the shooting.

A spokesperson for SEPTA, the local transit service, stated that incidents of this nature are uncommon and deemed them “extremely rare.” The spokesperson further emphasized that even a single incident is unacceptable.

Authorities continue to investigate the tragic shooting and urge anyone with information to come forward. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their loved ones during this difficult time.