Child in India Fatally Attacked by Gang of Monkeys

Salki, Gujarat – A tragic incident unfolded in a village in India when a group of monkeys fatally attacked a 10-year-old child. The young boy, Dipak Thakor, was playing with his friends near a temple on Nov 19 when the aggressive primates targeted him and ripped into his torso, causing severe injuries. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Dipak succumbed to his wounds before medical treatment could be administered.

According to officials, this is not an isolated incident, as the village of Salki has witnessed multiple monkey attacks within the past week. Authorities are currently searching for the monkeys involved in the latest attack and attempting to capture them. Local forestry authorities have been working tirelessly to address the issue of a large troop of monkeys causing havoc in the settlement. While some of the animals have already been captured, others remain at large.

Vishal Chaudhary, a forest official, revealed that efforts are ongoing to rescue more monkeys and prevent further attacks. He stated, “We have rescued two langurs in the past one week and set up cages to trap another langur. There is a large band of monkeys in the village, including four adults who have been involved in attacks in the past one week. Two of them have been rescued. Efforts are on to cage another.”

Instances of monkeys causing trouble and harm to humans are not uncommon. Earlier this year, authorities had to place a bounty on a monkey that had ruthlessly attacked 20 people over a two-week period in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh town. Eventually, the animal was successfully captured.

The circumstances surrounding these monkey attacks in Salki highlight the necessity for authorities to address the issue promptly. The local community is now mourning the loss of young Dipak Thakor, while efforts continue to ensure the safety of residents in the village.