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High schooler brutally attacks teacher- their fight was caught on video

A student from a high school located in Georgia was taken into custody after a video of the attack that ...


Heroic Metro employee fatally shot while trying to disarm gunman at work

A 64-year-old Metro transit employee died while trying to stop a gunman in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. His actions will ...


Texas man executed for killing a police officer

On Wednesday, a man was put to death for the murder of a Dallas police officer sixteen years ago. At ...


Wanted suspect ends his own life while on the run from police for torturing and killing victims

A man from Oregon was suspected of abducting a woman last week and subsequently killing two men while trying to ...


Mom saves her son from mountain lion attack that sent him to the hospital

On Tuesday night in an unincorporated area of San Mateo County, a 5-year-old California boy experienced a harrowing encounter with ...


Wife gets life in prison for murdering her husband on Valentine’s day

A female resident of Pennsylvania has been sentenced to life in prison for allegedly enticing her ex-husband and murdering him ...


Police find newborn baby who was abandoned and left for dead in the woods

In central Florida, law enforcement officials are actively trying to locate the parents of an infant female who was found ...


Teen trafficked by predator at Dallas Mavericks game

After nine months of searching, law enforcement has captured the suspect allegedly responsible for the abduction and exploitation of a ...


Road rage shooting in Texas kills father of 3

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for a suspect responsible for the untimely death of a father of ...


Grad student killed by police car that hit her while she was using the crosswalk

The Northeastern University community is grieving to the tragic death of Jaahnavi Kandula. She was a graduate student who was ...


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Conservative Star

Conservative Star is committed to bringing readers fact-based news without bias that covers the top headlines and events in both the U.S. and around the world. The publication covers current news on politics, finance, health, and impactful issues that affect personal freedoms and Constitutional liberties. In a world of publications that skew the truth, Conservative Star stands for it.

Do you value free speech, integrity, ethical news coverage, and American values? Looking for a publication that honors different points of view outside the mainstream? Need a news source that is not bought and paid for by big business or a political machine? You’re in the right place. 

Championing Constitutional freedoms is a job that never ends. It’s critical that each generation learns to protect and defend our American values so that knowledge and passion can be passed down to future generations. Understanding how current events impact our rights and daily lives helps us to better identify when those liberties are under attack. 

Conservative Star provides reporting that helps readers to connect the dots between political parties, public figures, elected officials, electoral candidates, and threats to our freedoms. Although mainstream news often omits important information that helps to identify these threats, Conservative Star uncovers and shares it. The publication offers quality news and unbiased reporting that respects the position of voters who fall outside the accepted mainstream talking points. 

Safeguarding American liberties falls to not only politicians, but to everyday citizens. Conservative Star is a team of citizen journalists who are dedicated to providing honest news coverage that keeps readers informed. It’s a safe space for centered and conservative voters to stay up-to-date on both national and global news coverage.

Together, it’s possible to preserve the freedoms our Founders fought and died to secure. One way to protect those sacred liberties is through ethical reporting and journalistic integrity. If you value trustworthiness, justice, and fairness, Conservative Star has you covered. 

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