Couple Abduct Baby in Amazon Box

Federal Way, Wash. – A Florida couple has been apprehended and charged after allegedly traveling to Washington State and kidnapping a relative’s 7-month-old baby. Marlly Jarina Ardila-Urrego and Chun Ho Vincent Lai are facing charges of kidnapping, burglary, robbery, and assault in connection with the incident that took place on February 20th. Prosecutors believe the couple targeted the family simply because they had a child.

In the days leading up to the alleged abduction, Ardila-Urrego repeatedly asked her cousin, the child’s mother, for their address. She claimed she had ordered a bed frame for the infant and that it would be delivered on February 20th. However, when the delivery day arrived, the victim was met with a shocking surprise.

A man posing as an Amazon delivery driver knocked on the victim’s door shortly after her husband had left for work. The victim peered through the peephole and saw the supposed driver holding an Amazon box. However, as soon as she opened the door, the imposter, identified as Lai, reportedly began assaulting her. The victim was then forcefully restrained, with her wrists and ankles zip-tied. Another woman, unknown to the victim, entered the apartment and held her down while Lai allegedly placed the baby in an Amazon box. The suspects threatened to harm the victim’s 2-year-old child if she did not comply.

After the suspects left, the victim managed to free herself and called 911. Fortunately, the police were able to use cell phone information to locate the couple and rescue the baby within four hours of the kidnapping. The infant was unharmed during the ordeal.

Authorities were alerted to Ardila-Urrego’s possible involvement by the victim’s father, who found her daughter’s cousin’s behavior suspicious. He claimed Marrly Ardila-Urrego had previously mentioned a plan to sell a baby for $70,000. The suspects now face multiple charges, including kidnapping and assault.The couple’s bail has been set at $750,000 each, and they are scheduled to be arraigned in March.