Dad Dies After Vicious Dog Attack

Detroit, Michigan – A tragic incident in Detroit has left a father dead after a vicious dog attack. Harold Phillips, a resident of Michigan, was walking home from a bus stop when he was assaulted by three dogs. The attack occurred on a residential street, and despite efforts to save him, Phillips tragically passed away several days later.

The Phillips family has been left devastated by the loss. Shauntaye Phillips, Harold’s wife, expressed her gratitude for the support the family has received on their GoFundMe page. Having set up the fundraising campaign to cover medical expenses following the attack, she shared updates on Harold’s condition, revealing that he had to undergo the amputation of his right arm due to the severe injuries sustained.

The injuries inflicted on Harold were severe, with the dogs causing significant damage. According to Shauntaye, they tore a large hole in his arm and damaged an artery, resulting in extensive blood loss. Harold required dialysis and multiple blood transfusions, but his condition continued to deteriorate. His organs ultimately began shutting down, leading to his tragic demise.

As the community mourns the loss of Harold Phillips, attention has turned to the owner of the dogs involved in the attack. Roy Goodman, the dogs’ owner, has extended his apologies to the Phillips family. Despite his remorse, Goodman admitted that the dogs had previously been involved in three other biting incidents, including one involving a child.

Goodman acknowledged that one of the dogs should have been euthanized after the previous attack and expressed regret for not taking appropriate measures. On the day of the incident, he discovered that his dogs had escaped and were loose. Hearing the cries for help, he immediately called the authorities as his dogs attacked Harold.

In response to the fatal attack, the three dogs responsible have been euthanized. Goodman has also faced consequences, being fined $5,000. Additionally, the Phillips family has taken legal action, filing a lawsuit against the dog owner.

As the community comes to terms with this tragic loss, the Phillips family is left grappling with the aftermath of the dog attack. A GoFundMe campaign has been established to assist them with the substantial medical expenses incurred during Harold’s hospitalization.