‘Dead’ Woman Wakes in Coffin at Her Funeral

We all know the saying ‘better late than never,’ but for Bella Montoya, the expression would prove to be especially true. After falling into an unconscious trance-like state and being declared deceased, the 76-year-old Ecuadorian woman was heard banging on her coffin during the wake she was being laid to rest. The bewildering incident, which occurred just four hours after Montoya was pronounced dead on Friday, has left many stunned and shocked.

Medical examiners had attributed Montoya’s death to a cardiopulmonary arrest. A doctor soon declared her dead after trying to resuscitate her. Astoundingly, video evidence shows medical personnel attending to Montoya while she lies out of her casket – very much alive. Her own son, Gilbert Balber├ín, described the event as a “miracle from God,” claiming that he was still getting to grips with what had transpired.

The elderly Montoya is now in stable condition, receiving care at the same hospital which declared her deceased. Ecuador’s Ministry of Health has set up a technical team to investigate why Murray’s death certificate had been emitted incorrectly. The grieving experience of Bella Montoya is not an isolated incident either – just last year, the same thing happened to the family of a 3-year-old Mexican girl at her funeral viewing.