Decapitated Woman Found Unclothed in River Has Been Identified

In June 1984, two fishermen discovered the body of an unclothed woman by the Spokane River in Washington State. The victim had her arms, legs, and head removed, and her body had no identification. Detective Don Giese’s daughter, out of respect for the woman, gave her the name “Millie” instead of the typical “Jane Doe” label.

Fourteen years later, a skull was found in a nearby lot that authorities assumed belonged to Millie, but DNA testing was necessary to confirm.

Millie was buried in a cemetery, and her body was exhumed in 2001 for DNA testing. In 2021, Othram Labs built a DNA profile and located one of Millie’s sisters, who confirmed her identity as Ruth Belle Waymire in February 2023.

Their parents split up when the sisters were young, and their mother died shortly after. This led to the sisters going their separate ways and losing touch with each other.

Further investigation revealed Waymire had been married to Trampas D.L. Vaughn, her second husband, when she was killed, though she had never been reported missing, and there was no evidence of a divorce.

The autopsy revealed that Waymire could have had a child a year or two before her death. However, the identity of Waymire’s child or children has yet to be determined.

Her first husband is still living in Spokane, but the police have not ruled out Trampas D.L. Vaughn, her second husband, who passed away in 2017. The police are asking anyone who knew Waymire, her husband, or her potential child to contact them.