Decorated War Veteran Dies Following Violent Teen Assault in Park

St. Paul, Minnesota – A decorated Marine veteran of the Vietnam War died after being assaulted by a teenager in a local park, sparking an official investigation. The incident took place on January 28 at Harriet Island Regional Park, according to the St. Paul Police. Thomas Dunne, 76, was allegedly punched in the face by a young man during the confrontation.

Dunne had been driving in the park with his wife when they noticed a young man urinating in public. Attempting to gather evidence, Dunne approached the man to take a photograph. The situation quickly escalated, leading to a physical altercation in which Dunne was punched and his phone was taken from him.

Upon arriving at the scene, police found Dunne with a bleeding eye, an injury sustained during the fight. He was rushed to the hospital but his condition deteriorated over the following weeks, ultimately leading to his death after an extended stay.

Police reported that the severity of Dunne’s injuries made it difficult to stop the bleeding. They were able to identify the three males involved in the incident, charging a 17-year-old with first-degree assault. St. Paul Police Sgt. Mike Ernster stated that the medical examiner’s findings on Dunne’s cause of death may take several weeks, potentially leading to a change in charges against the teenager. The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office also declared that they would review any new evidence to determine if additional charges are warranted.