“Demonic” Act Leaves Uber Driver Dismembered

On April 19, 2021, tragedy struck when a much-loved Uber Eats driver, Randall Cooke, 59, was brutally murdered and dismembered by Oscar Solis of the MS-13 gang in Pasco County, Florida. Randall was making his last delivery near his home in Holiday, a suburb of Tampa when he sent his wife a text. After his family reported him missing, Uber Eats provided authorities with his last known location on Moog Road. On April 21, Solis’ roommate told the police what had happened, providing details on the crime and the victim’s movements.

The security cameras revealed that Cooke had arrived at the house at 6:55 p.m. on April 19. The next day, Solis was witnessed carrying trash bags from his home, prompting investigators to search through the contents. To their horror, they discovered human remains. Solis had just moved to Florida from California in January and taken over his dad’s bedroom in the house of his fatal encounter with Cooke. The victim was likely lured inside under false pretenses and was then killed and assaulted in a fit of rage. Solis is also thought to have attempted to rob Randall of his valuables before murdering him.

Investigators searching the house uncovered evidence of the brutal crime in the form of blood, Cooke’s wedding band, and his car keys. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco described the incident as “demonic” and said there was no good reason for the attack. Nocco further commented on the criminal’s past, noting his rap sheet, which consists of nearly twenty violent crimes, including battery, burglary, assault, and possession of stolen auto parts.

Nocco asked for the public’s assistance in identifying a woman and man who had recently left the house at which Cooke had arrived, asking anyone with information to come forward. The death of Cooke, a dynamic and much-loved husband, has shaken the people of his community. The violent crime of Oscar Solis has highlighted the pressing significance of controlling the release of violent criminals more effectively.