Dismembered Body Found in Dumpster Identified as Wife of Hollywood Executive’s Son

LOS ANGELES, CA – The dismembered body found in a dumpster in Encino, California last month has been identified as the missing wife of Samuel Haskell IV, the son of a prominent Hollywood executive. Haskell IV is currently facing charges for her murder, as well as the disappearance of her parents. The shocking discovery has left the community in disbelief and investigators working to unravel the details of this gruesome crime.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has officially identified the remains found in the dumpster as Mei Li Haskell. Mei Li’s death was listed as November 8, the same day the torso was discovered. While the cause of her death is still under investigation, her husband, Samuel Haskell IV, was arrested on the day the torso was found. Witnesses claim that he had hired day laborers to dispose of heavy trash bags, which were later suspected to contain body parts.

Authorities have not yet located Mei Li’s parents, Gaoshan Li and Yanxiang Wang, who were last seen on November 6. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are searching for more answers. Meanwhile, Samuel Haskell IV remains in custody, with his next court appearance scheduled for January 12.

Residents of Tarzana, where the Haskell family had been living, have been shaken by the news, describing Mei Li as a devoted mother who was always there for her children. The community is grappling with the shocking violence that has penetrated their usually peaceful neighborhood.

As the investigation continues, authorities are determined to uncover the truth behind the murder of Mei Li Haskell and the disappearance of her parents. Samuel Haskell IV remains locked up, awaiting his next court appearance. The community mourns the loss of Mei Li and hopes for justice to be served.