Doctor says 5 body parts need washing

While some prefer relaxing in the bath, others prefer to jump in and out of the shower.

Regardless of your preferred washing method, you should always wash your entire body to prevent infection from occurring.

Dr Jen Caudle posted a video to TikTok detailing the five body parts you probably don’t wash enough.

In the clip, the professional points out that the belly button is one of the first body parts that often gets neglected.

“That’s right, a lot of guys don’t wash their belly button at all,” she notes.

“Guys, it gets gross! Please wash your belly button.”

As for number two, Dr Jen recommends that her followers wash behind their ears.

“The top of the ear, behind this little area here, the back and also the lobe,” she explains.

“I want you to specifically wash that area.

“If you rub your ear, you smell it and it’s gross, you haven’t washed it recently.”

The third body part that is frequently overlooked is the fingernails, according to Dr Jen.

“This is where a lot of dirt and grossness gets trapped,” explains the doctor.

“We don’t often think about it!”

The health expert then moves on to share the fourth body part that isn’t washed properly – and it may just be the biggest surprise yet.

“Yes, you actually need to wash your legs,” explains Dr. Jen.

“I’m not talking about letting that soap run down your legs in the shower, I’m talking about washing!”

Finally, she mentions that number five is toes.

“Get inbetween those toes,” she advises.

“You want to make sure you’re preventing infections of many sorts.

“Make sure you’re deliberately washing your toes!”

Since the post was published, it has received more than 1.2 million views and hundreds of comments.

“I don’t like my belly button touched lol it makes me nauseous and lightheaded,” admitted one.

Another individual pointed out: “And the back of the neck!! People neglect that area a lot!!!”

The third individual stated: “It’s a SHAME you have to even say that.”

A fourth individual commented: “Who DOESN’T wash these parts? I thought that we were all grown here!!”

A further comment was made: “The fact that this has to be told to adults is astonishing.”


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