Dog Attacks Woman While Shopping in Home Depot

A customer at Home Depot was bit in the face by a dog in Evergreen, Colorado, on March 31. Officials have reported that two women were attempting to socialize their dog by having it interact with other people and animals. They requested the victim to give their dog a treat, which they accepted and did so.

The dog, a Great Dane then bit the customer in the face, leaving them with serious injuries that will necessitate facial surgery. Police stated, “The victim sustained serious injuries and requires facial surgery as a result of the bit.”

Jennifer Dow, the Jefferson County Animal Control Supervisor, told Denver ABC affiliate KMGH-TV that the dog “sat nicely, took the treat gently from her, and then all of a sudden lunged at her face.” 

The two dog owners took their pets and left without offering any contact information while the employees of Home Depot were helping the victim. The authorities were able to identify them on Thursday.

They commented that the owners are accountable for their pets’ behaviors and that, in the case of a dog bite, the dog will be quarantined at their residence for 10 days to ensure the dog is not carrying rabies. Nevertheless, Dow said that the dog owners are now claiming that the victim was not bitten but was instead headbutted by the animal. They are still waiting for more reports from the doctor’s office to confirm this.