Elderly Man’s Life Tragically Cut Short in Freak Tractor Accident

In Blacksburg, South Carolina, a tragic accident involving a tractor claimed the life of a 76-year-old man, Gary Moss, on Monday afternoon. Moss was found by his wife, entangled in the machinery on their property, according to local authorities.

Moss was operating his Ford 1620 tractor, a heavy-duty machine weighing up to 2,352 pounds, to mow the grass on his property. He was towing a landscaping attachment known as a Bush Hog when the incident occurred. The accident took place when Moss drove down an embankment, was ejected from the tractor, and was subsequently trapped between the tractor and the attachment.

Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler stated that Moss’s wife discovered her husband in the distressing situation and immediately dialed 911 for assistance. Despite her quick response, Moss could not be saved. An autopsy has been scheduled to ascertain the exact cause of death.

This incident is not the first of its kind. In mid-August, a woman in Pennsylvania lost her life in a similar “freak accident” at a county fair. An equipment malfunction during a tractor pull event led to an exhaust wheel dislodging and striking the woman, who was watching from the stands.

Blacksburg, where the incident occurred, is a small town located west of Charlotte, North Carolina. The local community is mourning the loss of Moss, a well-known resident. The Cherokee County Coroner’s Office has not yet responded to requests for further comment on the incident.