Explosive Discovery: Live Bomblet and Ammunition Found in Donations at Local Goodwill

Janesville, WI – A typical day at a local Goodwill store turned alarming when an employee discovered a live cluster bomblet and ammunition among the donated items. The Janesville Police Department reported the incident, prompting an urgent response from the bomb squad.

This alarming find, made during a routine inventory check at the donation facility, led to immediate action. The store and nearby areas were swiftly evacuated as a safety measure. Officials from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad were summoned to address the potential threat.

Cluster bomblets, like the one uncovered, are typically components of larger cluster bombs, containing multiple explosive munitions. They are designed for battle use, deployed from aircraft or ground systems, and are known for their potential to cause significant damage and casualties.

Upon arrival, the bomb squad secured and removed the bomblet and ammunition. According to police, there was no immediate danger to the public, but the incident served as a stark reminder of the importance of proper disposal of hazardous materials. The authorities are currently investigating to trace the origin of these dangerous items and to determine the intent behind leaving them at a donation center.

The store, part of Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin, confirmed that their employees acted quickly and followed established safety protocols. Their timely actions and coordination with local law enforcement ensured the safety of staff, shoppers, and donors. Operations at the store resumed later the same day, following clearance from the bomb squad and police.

The incident has sparked discussions on the need for public awareness about the appropriate disposal of potentially hazardous materials. Goodwill Industries, while appreciative of community donations, underscores the importance of adhering to their donation guidelines, which are readily available on their website.