Family Dog Mauls Newborn to Death

Knoxville, Tennessee – A couple is mourning the loss of their newborn son after their family dog tragically attacked him while he slept, prompting them to share their story to raise awareness about the risks associated with leavHeadlineing children alone with pets.

Mark and Chloe Mansoor of Knoxville, Tennessee, are speaking out to caution others about the potential dangers, regardless of the dog’s breed or length of ownership. The attack occurred when their husky suddenly turned on their 6-week-old baby, Ezra, as he peacefully slept in his crib. The first-time parents had owned the dog for eight years and had not noticed any prior signs of aggression.

Ezra was sadly pronounced dead on May 30, leaving the Mansoors devastated. Despite their grief, they have decided to donate Ezra’s organs. Chloe is grateful for the overwhelming support they have received from their community and emphasizes the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Following the incident, the Mansoors have removed the husky from their home and placed it in a local animal shelter. The dog is currently serving a mandatory 10-day bite quarantine as required by state law.

The couple hopes that by sharing their tragic experience, they can prevent similar incidents from happening to other families. This serves as a reminder that regardless of a dog’s history, any dog can potentially pose a risk to infants and young children.

During this challenging time, the Mansoors are asking for prayers and support as they begin the lifelong process of healing.