Family Targeted by Fake Delivery Drivers, Children Assaulted

A Colorado family was the victim of a terrifying home invasion when three armed robbers disguised as delivery drivers broke into their house and assaulted two children, according to authorities. The incident, which occurred in Aurora, has raised concerns among experts about this new alarming trend in criminal activity. The robbers were caught on the family’s Ring doorbell camera as they entered the home.

Retired NYPD Sgt. Joseph Giacalone, who is now a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, described the crime as an “old crime with a new twist.” He noted that criminals are constantly looking for innovative ways to gain access to homes, and this trend is a cause for worry among law enforcement.

The latest string of robberies involves criminals posing as delivery drivers. In the Colorado incident, the suspects were wearing construction vests and claimed to have a package to drop off.

The home invasion was captured on the family’s Ring camera. Footage shows one suspect forcefully entering the house when an occupant opened the door slightly. Another suspect was seen wielding what appeared to be a gun, while a third joined them after getting out of a parked car.

During the approximately one-minute ransacking, the robbers stole jewelry and cash, and the teenage girl in the house was improperly groped. Both the babysitter and a young boy were pushed to the ground. The homeowners were alerted to the presence of the burglars by their Ring camera and promptly called the police.

The mother of the children expressed her fear of long-term harm and spoke of her terror following the attack. The young boy was visibly traumatized when the police arrived at the scene. Law enforcement is now investigating this disturbing trend and working to apprehend the robbers responsible.