Father and Son Murdered by Neighbor

Brooklyn, NY – A neighborhood dispute in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, tragically escalated to a double homicide on Sunday night. Surveillance footage captured the deadly encounter between downstairs neighbor Jason Pass, 47, and his upstairs neighbors, resulting in the deaths of his father and stepson.

The incident, which occurred in the historically known Vanderveer Estates, now Flatbush Gardens, began with a dispute over noise. Marie Delille, wife of one of the victims, recounted a longstanding feud with Pass over noise complaints stemming from their wood-floored apartment.

Pass, identified by the police, confronted Delille and her family, leading to a heated exchange. The argument took a violent turn when Bladimy Mathurin, a 47-year-old school bus driver and father of four, confronted Pass with a pair of scissors. The confrontation, as seen in the video, rapidly deteriorated when Pass, dressed in black, drew a handgun and opened fire. Mathurin and his 27-year-old stepson, Chinwai Mode, suffered fatal gunshot wounds.

Paramedics, upon arrival at the scene, found both men deceased, with multiple shots to their heads and torsos. The suspect, after committing the act, was observed calmly leaving the scene. The police later recovered nine .45-caliber shell casings and five bullet fragments from the location.

Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny mentioned six previous 311 calls from Pass’s apartment related to noise issues, primarily due to lack of carpeting and resulting footsteps. The suspect’s employment history included a brief stint as a state correction officer, terminated in June 2005.

In the aftermath, the family grieves the loss of Mathurin, described as a hardworking individual and a devoted family man. The incident has reignited discussions on neighborhood disputes and gun violence in urban settings.