Father Allegedly Drugs Daughter’s Friends During Sleepover

Lake Oswego, Oregon – An Oregon father has been arrested and charged with drugging his daughter’s 12-year-old friends during a sleepover by allegedly serving them smoothies laced with a sedative. The incident, which took place in August 2023, came to light after three girls tested positive for benzodiazepine, a depressant that induces sedation and hypnosis. Court documents reveal disturbing details of the events that night, including the father allegedly watching the girls as they blacked out and moving one girl’s body on a bed.

According to the girls’ testimonies given to the police, they had attended a sleepover at their friend’s house, where the friend’s 57-year-old father, Michael Meyden, served them mango smoothies. The girls described the smoothies as having “tiny white chunks throughout and sprinkled on top.” Despite one girl refusing the beverage, Meyden allegedly insisted she try it, monitoring their consumption closely. He had given each girl a different colored straw and instructed them to drink out of their own cup.

One girl reported feeling “woozy, hot and clumsy” after drinking the smoothie, eventually blacking out and falling into a deep sleep, while another managed to feign sleep but claimed she could feel Meyden’s presence, believing he was conducting tests to ensure they were unconscious. The latter girl grew fearful and sent a distressing message to her mother, desperately asking to be picked up.

Authorities state that the girl eventually managed to contact a family friend who came to her rescue, waking up her parents and alerting the other girls’ parents. When they arrived at Meyden’s residence to pick up the remaining girls, he reportedly resisted and requested they return in the morning. The parents insisted on taking the children home, and it was during this time that they noticed one girl’s inability to walk on her own or remember the events of the night.

The investigation culminated in the arrest of Michael Meyden on February 26, nearly six months after the sleepover occurred. Meyden now faces six felony charges and three misdemeanors related to the incident, including causing others to ingest a controlled substance, the application of a Schedule 4 controlled substance to others, and delivering a controlled substance to minors.

During his arraignment on February 28, Meyden posted bail of $50,000. Court records indicate that he and his wife divorced almost two months after the sleepover.

This shocking case has underscored the importance of safeguarding children during sleepovers and has sparked concerns among parents in the Lake Oswego community. As the legal proceedings progress, it remains to be seen how the court will address the serious charges brought against Michael Meyde.