Father Kills Sex Offender with Moose Antler

Levi Axtell, a 27-year-old Minnesota father, has confessed to killing a sex offender he suspected of stalking his young daughter.

According to court documents that were obtained by Fox News, Axtell reportedly stated that he had beaten the offender, Lawrence V. Scully, 77, with a shovel and continued finishing him off with a moose antler.

Axtell turned himself in when he entered a police station on March 8th covered in blood, asking to be handcuffed. When the Cook County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Scully’s home in Grand Marias, they found him dead.

A witness reported seeing someone smashing a car in Scully’s driveway and then running into his home, followed by screaming.

Scully had been convicted in 1979 of molesting a 6-year-old in and had a history of conflict with Axtell.

In 2018, Axtell attempted to get a restraining order against Scully after believing he was stalking his daughter at her daycare center. This order was initially granted but was dismissed weeks later.

Axtell was arraigned Friday and was charged with second-degree murder. He is being held on a $1 million bond.

Authorities have stated that the recent allegations against Scully did not reveal anything and were mostly related to harassment. Axtell is next due in court on April 10th.