Father Murders Wife and 12-Year-Old Son in $2M Mansion

A family of three in Massachusetts has been discovered dead as a result of what is believed to be a murder-suicide. According to the Boston Herald, police were alerted to the situation after receiving an emergency call from the family home in which a voice could be heard saying, “Kill me now.”

Investigators believe that Andrew Robinson, 56, shot both his wife, Linda Robinson, 55, and son, twelve-year-old Sebastian, before he turned the gun on himself in their $2 million mansion in the early hours of Thursday morning.

A statement made by the DA’s office stated, “The incident appears to be a tragic case of domestic violence and murder-suicide. Andrew Robinson died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

When police arrived at the home on 48 Porter Road, they were instructed to take caution as a man was heard screaming and objects were being broken in the background of the emergency call. There was no response from the caller.

According to Andover Police Chief Patrick Keefe, law enforcement officers had to force their way through two entryways before gaining access to the building and uncovering the horrific scene. District Attorney PaulTucker declared that the inquiry is still in its early phases.

Officials assured the public that there was no risk involved in the situation that had occurred. He further emphasized that the event was contained within the specific address.

Sebastian attended St. John’s Preparatory School, and the Headmaster, Edward Hardiman, remembered him fondly. He described the 6th grader as “a wonderful young man” with a “kind and gentle presence” who was “well-loved by his teachers” and “extraordinarily creative.”

The inquiry is ongoing. The District Attorney expressed that they are still trying to comprehend the rationale behind the incident, “Obviously, we know the how; we’re trying to figure out the why right now, so we’re going to need some time to figure that out,” Chief Keefe expressed at the press conference at the scene.

The District Attorney’s Office understands the potential harm that domestic violence can cause and is reminding the public that there are personnel and programs to support victims, in addition to the help available from external organizations.