Father of Two Tragically Killed at an Event at Top Golf

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A tragic incident unfolded over the weekend at a concert in Nashville, resulting in the death of a father of two. Dahal Umesh, a member of the city’s Nepali community, was attending a music event at Top Golf when a violent altercation broke out.

The concert, organized by the Nashville Nepalese Association, took place at The Cowan, a live-performance venue located within the Top Golf complex. As tensions escalated, the fight spilled over into the parking lot where Umesh intervened in an attempt to restore peace.

According to the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD), Umesh was punched during his efforts to mediate, causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete. In a horrifying turn of events, while lying defenseless on the ground, Umesh was then kicked in the head. He battled severe head injuries but tragically passed away on Tuesday morning.

Homicide detectives, recognizing the severity of Umesh’s injuries, took over the case and swiftly identified and arrested the suspect believed to have delivered the fatal kick. Bishal Rai, 26, was apprehended at his residence in Antioch, located approximately 14 miles southeast of Top Golf.

Initially charged with aggravated assault, Rai’s charges were upgraded to criminal homicide following Umesh’s death. A judicial commissioner has ordered that Rai be held without bond pending a hearing. Rai, who previously faced charges of felony aggravated assault-strangulation last year, which were later dismissed, is currently incarcerated at the Nashville Downtown Detention Center and will not be eligible for release.

Although Rai’s arrest marks a significant development in the case, the investigation is far from over. Detectives are actively seeking other concert attendees who may have played a role in Umesh’s fatal assault. The MNPD has emphasized that their investigation into the incident and the potential involvement of other individuals is ongoing.

As the Nashville Nepali community mourns the loss of one of their own, the pursuit of justice and accountability for Umesh’s death remains paramount.