FDA Recalls 28 Beverages Over Undisclosed and Harmful Ingredients

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has initiated recalls for 28 different beverages this year, as reported by The Daily Mail. These recalls were mainly attributed to undisclosed or harmful ingredients, ranging from drugs and bacteria to toxic chemicals.

One such product, Martinelli’s Apple Juice raised concerns due to the detection of arsenic, a toxic metal associated with an increased risk of bladder and skin cancer.

Fiji Water, produced by Natural Waters of Viti Limited, recalled approximately 1.9 million bottles after three types of bacteria and high levels of the mineral manganese, known to cause brain damage in excessive amounts, were discovered.

Charles Boggini Company had to recall four beverages including Pink Lemonade, Yellow Lemonade, Yellow Lemonade X, and Cola Flavoring Base. These drinks were recalled due to undisclosed food dyes associated with a risk of cancer. The dyes Red40 and Yellow 5 contain benzidine, a substance known to be carcinogenic to humans and animals.

Further analysis revealed that the Cola Flavoring Base contained undeclared sulfites, preservatives that can trigger allergic skin reactions, digestive problems, and asthma in individuals with sulfite sensitivity, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Detwiler, a former FDA and USDA advisor, emphasized that beverages are sometimes released to the public without thorough checks. He identified labeling issues and undisclosed ingredients as significant factors behind the recent scrutiny of beverages.

The FDA faces growing pressure to impose stricter regulations on food and beverage companies, Detwiler added. Recalled beverages this year include Schweppes Zero Sugar Gingerale, Mug Root Beer by PepsiCo, Martinelli’s Apple Juice, Fiji Water by Natural Waters of Viti Limited, and several products from Charles Boggini Company.

These recalls highlight the importance of transparent and accurate labeling practices in the food and beverage industry. Consumers must remain vigilant and informed about the products they consume to ensure their safety.