Street Party Turns Deadly: One Dead, Dozens Injured

A festive gathering on a Muncie, Indiana, street took a tragic turn in the early hours of Sunday when a shooting incident resulted in one fatality and injuries to nearly two dozen people. The deceased has been identified as 30-year-old Joseph Bonner, but it remains unclear whether he was an active participant in the shooting or merely a victim.

The shooting occurred during a street party, with 19 of the injured receiving treatment at a local hospital emergency room while four others were taken to different hospitals. As of Sunday afternoon, 13 victims were still in the hospital, all in stable condition.

In the aftermath of the shooting, local law enforcement assured the public that there was no ongoing threat. According to reports, the shooter reportedly used an AR-style weapon, firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

The Delaware County coroner confirmed Bonner’s identity but did not provide any information regarding whether other victims might have been involved in the shooting or if any firearms were recovered from the scene.

Law enforcement officers from multiple agencies, including an FBI agent based in Muncie, worked together to secure the crime scene and collect evidence.

With Muncie celebrating a Homecoming Festival, the committee clarified that the street party was not an official part of the ongoing MHF celebration.