Flight Attendant Found Dead in Hotel with Cloth in Her Mouth

A 66-year-old female flight attendant for American Airlines was discovered dead under mysterious circumstances in a room at the Marriott hotel located at the Philadelphia International Airport. The woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, was found by a cleaning crew on Monday evening, unresponsive with a cloth in her mouth.

The Philadelphia Police Department was alerted to the situation around 10:40pm. Despite the immediate response, the woman was pronounced dead shortly after their arrival. Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small revealed that upon further examination of the body, a cloth was discovered in her mouth, adding an element of suspicion to the case.

The woman was supposed to have checked out of the hotel two days prior to her discovery. The police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding her death. According to Inspector Small, there were no signs of forced entry into the room, leading investigators to consider the possibility of a sudden death.

The flight attendant was reportedly on several medications at the time of her death. In the room, authorities found several unopened bottles of prescription drugs. However, no weapons were recovered from the scene, and no arrests have been made in the ongoing investigation.

The case is currently being handled by the department’s homicide unit. Despite the suspicious circumstances, the police have yet to make any arrests or recover any weapons from the scene. The woman’s body was transported to the Medical Examiner’s Office for further investigation.

The investigation is ongoing, and further details will be released as they become available. The Philadelphia Police Department is urging anyone with information related to the case to come forward.