Florida Man Arrested After Kidnapping and Assaulting Woman, Victim’s Silent Plea for Help Leads to Rescue

Cape Coral, Florida – A Florida man is now in custody after police responded to an emergency call and discovered not only the caller in need of help, but also a female victim who had been kidnapped and subjected to days of assault.

According to the Cape Coral Police Department, Jordan Garrett, 30, made the emergency call on November 18th. Upon arrival, officers found two individuals in distress – Garrett, who was experiencing a medical emergency, and the female victim, displaying clear signs of physical abuse.

In a silent act of desperation, the woman silently pleaded for help, mouthing “save me” to one of the officers. Further investigation revealed that she had suffered multiple bruises and injuries allegedly inflicted by Garrett. Both parties were immediately taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

Authorities later discovered that the woman had endured a harrowing ordeal, being held captive in her own residence by Garrett. She recounted a harrowing account of repeated physical assaults and sexual abuse at his hands.

The Cape Coral Police Department’s investigation revealed that Garrett had forcibly detained her, preventing her from seeking medical care or contacting law enforcement. This culminated in a life-threatening situation for the victim, providing her no opportunity to escape or seek help.

Garrett has been charged with kidnapping, sexual battery, obstructing justice, and depriving a crime victim of medical care. He remains in custody, as reported by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The motive behind Garrett’s alleged actions is still unclear, as court officials and police have not yet responded to inquiries seeking additional information.